Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well, it's finally over!! My 21 detox is OVER!! When all was said and done I lost around 9 pounds, I'm feeling better and looking better!!!

I am going to try and stick to some healthier habits from now on. I found an app on the iPad that helps me keep track of my calories so I know that will be a very helpful tool for me. It's INCREDIBLE how just that one simple step of recording that information makes you SO aware of what you're putting into your body. It's insane!! I am planning to start my workout plan next week since it got derailed a little bit a few weeks back. I'm looking forward to getting my workout started and feeling even better than I do now. Even after a few days of "back to normal" eating, I've maintained my weight loss thus far!! So, even that is encouraging. I thought for sure after the weekend I had with a date with my husband a quick little trip an hour our of town I definitely took advantage of being able to eat some foods I hadn't had in 21 days.

I'm so thrilled to be done with the detox (although, it really wasn't that bad at all) but I'm even MORE thrilled to keep up a healthier lifestyle. I think this will be a great jumping off point for things that will eventually be coming in the future.

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